Radical Reducers

Make Everyday Litterless Lunch Day

School: Big Lake Elementary

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Hi! We’re the Radical Reducers from Big Lake Elementary (Gr K-7). Our school has been reducing our lunchtime waste and this year, we want to spread the word. Last year we reached S.E.E.D.S. Green School status by completing 100 green projects. We have recycling bins in each classroom, grow a garden, compost, put up birdhouses, clean the lake edge and roadside and lots more. This year we focused on Litterless Lunches…eliminating all the paper and plastic from student’s lunches. We measure our results and survey the amount of litter in our school lunches. Although we didn’t hit our target of zero litter, we can keep improving by evaluating our lunches. This year we demonstrated green tips at school assemblies, wrote letters to our parents, presented a PowerPoint about being green in front of three other schools and wrote tips in the school newsletter. We want to spread Litterless Lunches to other schools. We are a small school doing our best and succeeding in saving our future and making a change. BE SURE TO WATCH OUR POWERPOINT WITH YOUR SPEAKERS ON!

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