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École Victor-Brodeur environmental initiatives

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École Victor-Brodeur environmental initiatives are achieved by the collaboration of the Green Team (Équipe Verte), the Student Council and the Leadership CAS group of the International Baccalaureate Program. In hopes to bring awareness about environmental sustainability, conservancy and restoration, the high school students volunteer to teach the elementary students at this unique francophone K to 12th grade public school. To describe the main projects of the past as well as hopes for the future: Garden to Kitchen: At the local community garden, the school harvests for the cafeteria program. With the high school volunteers, classes take field trips to grow vegetables such as lettuce, kale, beets, garlic, radishes and much more! The first-ever on-site chef brings awareness of the origin of our food. This student-led initiative promotes the local, tightly-knit cycle, sustainable ecological practices! Zero-Waste Recycling: A newly introduced recycling system for École Victor-Brodeur is the Zero-Waste system; recycling everything from cans and tetras to plastics and aluminum foil! The implementation was a collaboration by the Green Team partnered with the CAS team, who did colouring workshops with the elementary classes creating posters for the bins and the Student Council for involving all students in collection. Franco-Écolo Camp: This first annual fun-filled eco-adventure camp was a great success for students aged 5 to 12 this past summer. The high school student-led week with environmental themes such as recycling, ecosystems, animal extinction, water conservancy and renewable energy with exciting activities such as science experiments, solar oven baking, gardening and much more. The Green Team is organizing the second edition for this coming summer. Earth Week: Last year's celebration of Earth Day was an inspirational event with workshops, field trips and speakers. The Green Team put together a network of workshops run by high school student on water conservancy, alfalfa sprouts, composting and native plants. There were field trips to the local recycling centre, and to the nearby organic Haliburton Farm. Speakers came with talks on climate change, sustainable farming and more. This year, the students are organizing a symposium day relating to inspiration on environmental leadership. Social Media: The best way of spreading the word about events is social media. Several events are announced such as the annual Clothing Swap, to repurpose apparel and Tacky Sweater Theme Day to promote layering to reduce winter heating. With a Tumblr blog, a Facebook account and Flickr photostream, students can be up dated on the latest eco-actions. For more information on projects and additional Green Team initiatives, feel free to visit our social media! http://equipeverte.tumblr.com/

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