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The Paper Waste Project

School: Fernie Academy

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The Planet Protectors @ TFA wanted to come up with a project that would improve waste management. Paper came to light as one of the most common waste products and even though all of our waste paper is recycled we wanted to utilize this waste more effectively and turn it into an ongoing benefit to the school environment therefore supporting a sustainability ethos. The Fernie Academy is unique in that it has no outdoor space, as it is situated downtown, and therefore all outdoor activities are done in public space or City of Fernie grounds. This meant that our project needed to be something that we could carry out within the school itself. After setting up our paper recycling station we were able to begin making recycled paper immediately to be used again within the school. To further expand the project we purchased a briquette maker and from a local thrift store, what looks like a large garlic press and so the production and testing of our ‘Recycled Paper Logs’ and ‘Campfire Pucks’ began. The paper logs we produce are for use in homes in wood burning stoves as an alternative to using wood logs and our campfire pucks are a travelling friendly hockey puck sized option for hikers and campers to use on weekend trips as a handy fire starter. Producing these products will mean that we can drastically reduce the amount of paper that will need to be sent away for recycling. Staff, parents and members of the community can purchase these products and the money raised will be used to complete new environmental projects in the future or to purchase products that will improve environmental sustainability at The Fernie Academy! It is hoped that all students will be part of the paper recycling program here at The Fernie Academy and will be able to use the paper recycling station as part of class projects, art projects or to be part of The Planet Protectors @ TFA team creating our recycled paper products. Here are just some of the ideas of things we may want to do over the years to come: making every classroom a ‘Green Room’ with plant life, organizing a sticker competition to raise awareness of the importance of saving energy and installation of winning stickers onto all light switches around the school reminding people to turn out the lights or even installation of automatic light sensors. The Fernie Academy is excited to have The Planet Protectors @ TFA striving to achieve a better and more sustainable school environment that benefits everyone!


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