Henry Anderson Eco-Eagles


From in the dark to Eco-Stars! The evolution of the Anderson Green Team

School: Henry Anderson Elementary

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Our green team started in the dark – literally! Three years ago, we turned off our lights during lunchtime to save energy. That’s it?! Most students in the school thought that was enough of an effort. Boy, we were wrong. Last year, Mme Fuchs asked the custodians to save the garbage that our school collected in one day. We have over 500 students at our school, and you can imagine the unnecessary waste! Everything was going in the trash – pop cans, water bottles, nova-food containers (our lunchtime hot food program), unfinished lunches, and paper towel. With the bags of trash from school that we collected, we separated the litter into 3 piles: garbage, recyclable items, and compostable items. We weighed the trash and found that over half of the weight was items that could have easily been recycled. The effort to educate students about reducing our ecological footprint officially started. Divisions 9 and 19 through the guidance of Ms. J. and Mme Fuchs made a colossal effort to teach green behaviour to Anderson students. Our classes of grade 1 and 2 students made posters to remind everyone how to sort their trash. We brainstormed what our earth would look like if we continued our polluting habits. We decided that we needed to teach the school about how to recycle properly by video modeling and sorting the drink and food containers. We also taught the school how to compost by presenting a different perspective of composting. Some grade 7’s wrote a song called “Trash on the Ground” describing in rhyme, the effects of litter. It was catchy, and made us all accountable for our trash when were out on the playground. The clip that you get to see is just a 3 minute snip-it of our 20 minute production. Our classes were involved in every part of it – from the research, to the acting, to the prop production using recycled materials. The school-wide assembly kicked –off a new attitude at Anderson! We asked students “Don’t you care?” and they said, “Yes!” This year, the Eco-Eagles were born. Our team got bigger, with leaders from every grade. Each class has 2 Eco-Eagles representatives – The Eco-Stars! With 22 divisions, that’s a team of 44 kids. We organized a bottle drive to raise money for our school environmental efforts. Divisions 4 and 5 promoted many successful Walk-to-school Wednesdays. Also, Mrs. McDonnell and Division 9 planned and designed a school garden. Once it is completed, the students will see how scraps and food waste break down and go back to the earth. Our wet paper towel will now end up fertilizing our garden, instead of inhabiting our landfills. The Green Team agrees that we need to bring about awareness to the student body, our parents, and other members of our community. We’re not in the dark anymore, but we still have a way to go!

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