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At Holy Cross, Environment Issues Are Second Nature

School: Holy Cross Regional High School

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The Go Green Group at Holy Cross Regional High School started off with a few Grade 9 students who wanted to make a change. As time went by, the word spread, and the club grew. Today, the Go Green Group is made up of 90 dedicated and passionate students from grades 8-12 who strive to make environment issues second nature. The students have taken on several fundraising activities to support multiple symbolic adoptions with the World Wildlife Fund Canada. They have also carried out numerous other projects and fundraisers to raise awareness. For example, the club held a collection to recycle used school supplies. The club also holds a yearly "Eco Exchange" where students are asked to bring in used or unwanted articles of clothing to school. These clothes are then exchanged amongst the students at Holy Cross. The purpose of the "Eco Exchange" is to reuse clothing articles and reduce factory production. All remaining clothing articles were donated to a local charity for the homeless. We've participated in the ReLeaf Program and invasive species removal and Serpentine Park and even the Shoreline Clean Up at Serpentine River, picking up garbage and other litter that had been left there. Earlier this year, the school came together and took part in "Waste Reduction Week" where audits on recycling bins and garbage cans around the school were done. Through this project, members of the club were able to see how much trash we produced as a school and how much recycable material was left in garbage bins. The club took the initative to do something about this problem and now every Friday, recycable material is sorted out of trash bins and sent to the recycling plants. This video shows some footage and pictures of the club members working hard to reach their goal to make environmental issues second nature. We hope you enjoy our video :) !

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