School: Kimberley Independent School

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Kimberley Independent School has been learning about invasive plants. We have had a specialist come to our school several times to teach us. We have learned why invasive plants are bad. Some ways to stop or slow their spread. And how to recognize them. We also visited a local plant nursery so we could learn about native plant options. We got to choose a native tree seedling to take home and plant in out own yards. To help out community, Kimberley Independent school has done two very fun weed pulls along the rails to trails near our school. By working with the city of Kimberley we became the first in town to adopt a section of trail. We will look after it always. We made some costumes and put on a play about invasive plants. On earth day we performed this play for the community. It was a big hit! We even got creative and designed our own invasive plants. We used some of the super powers, such as thorns and poisons that our real invasive plants have. Kimberley Independent School is full of WEED WARRIORS!

Mentors Consulted

East Kootenay Invasive Plant Council, Invasive Species Council of BC, City of Kimberley, Tipi Native Plant Nursery



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