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Ladysmith Green Team "Going Green"

School: Ladysmith Secondary

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The Ladysmith Secondary School Green team is “Going Green”! We are doing this by focusing on energy awareness, creating green space, and participating in and promoting ecological restoration and stability. To support our energy awareness goals we participated in the BC Hydro Energy Ambassadors program, and took what we learned there to educate our school and community. We completed a school energy audit and behavioral surveys to see where over and unnecessary consumption was occurring, and started the “lights out” campaign to encourage efficiency. We also educated our local primary school about energy consumption, and what they can do to make a difference. This program also provided us with the opportunity to install four part recyclable containers that allow us to move closer towards our goal of a garbage free school. In addition to this program, we also participated in the walk and bike to school week. Another major goal of the LSS Green Team is to create more green space. With the help of Tree Canada and School District 68 we created a school garden containing all plant species native to Vancouver Island. The purpose of this garden, in addition to the green benefits, was to teach students about the harm of invasive species and how they can have an impact on our environment. The Green Team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this garden, and we look forward to creating more green spaces at our school in the future. Our last main goal was ecological restoration and stability. For this goal, the Green Team worked with the C2C program and Mr. Jim Cram to learn about the practices involved in salmon restoration. Students went out to our local stream beds (Holland Creek) to participate in the capturing of fish (electrofishing) and sperm and egg collection. Students learned about what made a healthy stream bed, and just how badly these areas are in need of restoration. In addition to this, students were involved in eel grass mapping and in the future will be a part of increasing area through new planting. This is our first year as a team applying to the BC Green Games, and we look forward to taking on new projects and applying again in the future. Thank You for your consideration, The Ladysmith Secondary Green Team



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