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School: Lindsay Park Elementary

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Airmakers is a six week plant project inspired by the Lindsay Park Environmental Club. We wondered what we could do to learn about, and possibly change, the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) at our school. We know that plants make oxygen…this fact inspired us to learn more, and our “Airmakers”project was born! Each room at our school has a CO2 monitor, which allowed us to develop the following question: Can plants actually change and improve the levels of carbon dioxide in a room? For six weeks, we took CO2 readings in each room, every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Each week, we added a new plant to each classroom. First, we learned how to water and care for the plants. We learned that making a “mini jungle” was fun! We learned how to draw a plant in a pot, and that spider plants don’t really have spiders.:) We collected data and graphed it, and learned about the “variables” that affect our experiment. But most importantly, we learned that having living plants in the classrooms does change the CO2 readings, demonstrating improved air quality. Interestingly, we found that certain plants are especially good at cleaning the air. The Airmakers project is finished but having plants in our classrooms will continue! Next, our plan is to take cuttings to grow even more plants to add to our mini jungles. Thank you to our sponsors for helping with our project and “greening up” our school. Thank you to our teachers and all staff, for letting us build the mini jungles. Thanks to Mrs. Driscoll, Mrs. Keiver, Miss Quinn, Mrs. Dunsby, Mrs. Pakenham, and Mrs. McKinlay for helping with the project! Lindsay Park Environmental Club



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Local Sponsors: Top Crops, Hide Away Kennels, Dr. C. Chatten, Grubstake Pizza, Home Depot, Kinross Silviculture Services



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