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Water Warriors

School: Mill Bay Elementary

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The Ecole Mill Bay Roots & Shoots Club is made up of about 30 dedicated students in Grades 3 through 5. They meet each week at lunch to learn, create and take action on environmental and humanitarian issues. This year for the BC Green Games, the students of Roots & Shoots turned into Water Warriors. The students learned as much as they could about water, studying both local and global issues surrounding its use and conservation. Students focussed on seven main ideas: 1. water is essential for life 2. water consumption is necessary for your health 3. water is a basic human right 4. the water cycle 5. keeping water clean 6. water usage 7. water conservation After learning about the issues, students created a water advocacy video and completed a water advocacy art project. The video entered into the Green Games is a shortened version of the water advocacy video to be presented to the school on Earth Day. The advocacy video will also be shown at Ecostravaganza, the green festival sponsored by the Ecole Mill Bay PAC each year. The water advocacy artwork is being displayed at a local coffee shop. The art will be auctioned off later in the year, with funds donated to support a clean water project in Africa. Visit our website at:

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Mentors Consulted

Roots & Shoots, Project Blue; David Slade, Drillwell Enterprises, Ltd.


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