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This year at Queen Elizabeth Secondary our G.T. group is larger than ever, which means more ideas and helping hands. Also, this year our members are involved in a lot of different activities such as recycling, QE Meadows, fundraisers, advertisement, and representing our school outside of QE at organizations such as “the R.E.B.E.L.S.” Our council consists of 9 very committed members. The responsibility of different projects, marketing, organizing and advertisement, is evenly distributed within the members of the council. This way we can take a larger step towards improvement together as a team rather than individuals alone. Invasive species, such as the Himalayan blackberry, can often take over a certain area and wipe out all the native species from that area through a dangerous competition for resources. If these invasive species are not brought under control they can ensure negative results for the ecosystem and other organisms living in that ecosystem. To prevent this from happening, our Green Team came up with the project "QE Meadows in which many young and enthusiastic volunteers assist us with replacing invasive species around the park behind our school with native species. We also do a regular garbage picking around the QE meadows as well the school campus to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Along with weekly recycling of the entire school we also assist with recycling of batteries, cell phones, and other electronic devices to ensure that none of these devices end up in toxic wastes. Our team also focuses on smaller ideas that actually make up the most significant part of our goal: a sustainable environment. We always encourage students and teachers to use water fountains or refill their water bottles rather than buying new ones. We encourage them to car-pool, bike, or walk to school in order to reduce the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere, and we often notice people following our advice and making an attempt to be more ‘green’. Many of the teachers in our school now email students their homework, grades, etc. instead of photocopying one for each student in class and wasting paper. At QE, not only our Green Team but also committees such as the Student Council, United Students and Roots and Rhythm council hold fundraisers that are environmentally friendly. Last year our team along with ‘United Students’ raised $740 to build a well in India. We try to keep all of our fundraisers related to an environmental theme. For example, during a recent bubble tea sale we told students and teachers that if they’d bring their own cups for the bubble tea they’d be given a discount. This way many people brought their own cups and we didn’t waste any of the cups that would have otherwise been wasted. The green team holds meetings every Tuesday during lunch time where it discusses and plans out activities for the entire week that need to be carried out. This is also the time when new members from Grade 8 and 9 are encouraged to share their views and ideas to make our environment better and more sustainable. We only wish to work towards a better future and prevent ourselves from ruining the earth on which we live, and for that we adopt any and every possible way which would contribute positively towards our goal.

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