Reynolds Chicken Fostering Program


Chicken Fostering Program

School: Reynolds Secondary

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PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR POWER POINT BELOW... Backyard chickens are a valuable part of a food security plan. Our Green Group this year is embarking on a new and exciting pilot project. We have partnered with a local permaculturist who raises chickens. He is giving us eggs. We are incubating them and keeping them until we can tell males from females and then we will be giving 4 females to local families who want to raise backyard chickens! We are also partnering with a local Scout group who is helping us to build portable chicken coops to go home with the chickens. Students have coordinated fundraising through our Recycle Depot and bake sales to raise money for equipment such as the incubator and materials for building the coops. The families are getting permits for backyard chickens and will raise them as their own. They will benefit from fresh, organic eggs and compost. Any eggs and compost that do not get used by the family are to come back to the school to be used in our cooking classes and courtyard garden respectively. Today is Monday Feb. 13th, 2012...our first batch of chicks hatched this morning! We have 17 baby chicks that the students are looking after until middle of May, with “babysitters” lined up for weekends and holidays—lots of students will get a chance to take them home and care for them. We have 12 families hoping to raise backyard chickens. This year we hope to get two families up and running and then 2-4 in years to follow. A win-win for everyone!

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Mentors Consulted

Scientists and Innovators in the Schools
Daren Copley local permaculturalist, 10th Gary Oak Scouts, The Pucketts (local chicken farmers)



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