Reynolds Salad Bar Program


Reynolds Local Salad Bar

School: Reynolds Secondary

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PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR VIDEO BELOW... Last year we initiated the L.U.N.C.H. program...Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest. This year we entered phase two of the project, implementing the local salad bar. Six students took on the task of running this program, offering a local organic salad bar to our school. Over 100 people have eaten from our salad bar this year. We have offered 3 sets of 8 weeks of the salad bar delivered at lunch on Thursdays. Each time we have had two feature recipe salads such as Kale Slaw with poppy seed dressing, all made from scratch using Madrona and Healing farm produce. Both of these farms are close to the school and practice organic farming. Along with the feature salads we include 4-6 'make your own items', two home made dressings and a either a fresh home-made soup, potato wedges or a dessert crumble. Participants preorder their salad ahead of time and most bring their own re-usable utensils and containers for a discount!! The students operating the salad bar all prepare the food and have individual roles such as; foods class liaison, manager, and education coordinator. It has been a great success!! Next year 6 more students are ready to take it on as we move into phase 3 which will include using harvest from our own courtyard garden and food preservation (drying herbs from our garden for salad dressings as an example). It has been a valuable experience for our school community to become aware of what organic produce is available seasonally and locally and how it can be made into a very tasty lunch indeed!

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Mentors Consulted

Local Organic Gardeners
Scientists and Innovators in the Schools
VIHA, SD #61 Healthy Schools Coordinator, Madrona Farm, Healing Farm



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