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Eco Entertainment System ( E2)

School: Richmond Christian School

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The creators of this invention are Tyson and Luke; us two gentleman represent Richmond Christian Secondary School (RCS) with this unique invention in the 2012 BC Green Games. We can easily observe that obesity and the environment are two of the most significant factors when considering the world and its earthly problems. As a group, we were concerned that the major causes of obesity are there are no motifs, no desire and no urge to get exercise. According to A Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) study, calculated that gaming consoles in the US consumed 16 billion kWh of electricity annually. These numbers are quite astonishing as they are just referring to gaming consoles and not even the entertainment unit itself also they did not include the entire world’s consumption. This being said, we do not encourage children to sit down watch/play on their TV all day long but rather get exercise out of it while conserving the power they use. We really were inspired to create an invention which aids to those two concerning topics. As a result, we decided that we were not going to tolerate this immoral behaviour any longer and started to build an invention that people of all ages can simply pedal to generate the ONLY power to the television and any supporting electronic systems; it will now give a motif for people to play/watch and will not harm the environment. Our entertainment unit will significantly cut down on the kWh, which in turn aids to the environment and prolongs our earth’s life. We feel that through this eco-friendly entertainment system we can hopefully get entertainment developers to consider this prestigious system so that it can cater to reduction of obesity all while not harming the environment. We found that through our dependant variable (Aidan) it took 28 minutes to charge the battery at 3000 rpm, 1 minute of pedalling of pedalling at a constant 3000 rpm is equivalent to 6 minutes of playing time, our battery is around 100 amp hours we should get around 5 hours on a full charge, the PS3 drew 150 watts and the TV drew 100 watts. There’s 14.4 volts generated from the alternator with 12 volts powering by the 400 watt inverter, also there was a 32 to 1 ratio from pedals to the alternator, a 130 rpm average pedaling speed and 3840 rpm total rpm at the alternator. These results are based on a medium 3 gear, on the bike you are able to change the gears to generate more power or less power (6 gear - 14 minutes to charge full battery, 1 gear - 42 minutes to charge full battery etc.). We have concluded that through this invention it should if given the chance, reduce obesity in the long run and fully support an eco-friendly environment. On behalf of RCS, we would like to say thank you for taking your time to watch/read this; we hope you find the E2 innovative towards the environment.

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Teachers: Ms. Leong, Ms. Leung, Ms. Wilson


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