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What is Richmond Secondary Green Team? It is a team dedicated to preserving the earth's resources through sustainability. It is a group of individuals that truly care for keeping our planet and our community environmentally healthy. It is a community built upon a dedicated school family that aims to promote environmental awareness and exemplify Green leadership through our day-to-day actions. The Green Team at Richmond Secondary ensures that the basics to sustainability and care for the environment are met every day. From our school wide garbage audits, to our daily paper towel recycling, to our school's composting program, and more, Richmond High has devoted itself to strive for excellence in eco-friendly initiatives in order to meet our goals. If there is one thing that makes Richmond Secondary's Green Team stand out, it is the sense of unity between everyone in our student body. Through cooperation, organization, and teamwork, we have been able to not only realize our vision, but also make this a fun and pleasurable experience. The coherence of our school is due in part to the cares and concerns of every member of the school. We have all realized the importance of our global footprint, and so it has been important for everyone to raise awareness and act on how to demonstrate sustainable actions. There are a variety of issues that we have put our hand in. The most significant problem we have investigated this year is incorrect waste disposal. Be it the uneaten apple core, or empty pop cans and water bottles, all the wrong things have ended up in our garbage cans. We first approached the problem with monthly garbage audits to pinpoint the problem. Through sorting the garbage and weighing the separated contents into different categories (garbage/paper recycling/compost/pop cans & bottles), we have quantitatively measured, on average, that 30% of the garbage in our garbage cans could be easily diverted into compost buckets or recycling bins. To tackle this problem, we plan to begin awareness campaigns and make waste reduction as convenient as possible with multiple, easily identifiable compost and recycling stations. Our school’s Green Team is also committed to tackling other issues through hands on involvement. For example, idling and stalling has become a common occurrence in our school parking lot, at the beginning of school and right afterschool. To investigate this issue of high emissions and enhanced greenhouse effect, our students have done studies in our school’s parking lot at different hours of the day, and we are currently looking to find viable ways to reduce the high emissions. As of now, the most important thing for our school is to encourage green initiatives, and proper waste removal. The Green Team at Richmond Secondary is constantly growing. We are always expanding the capabilities of our actions to promote and implement sustainability within our school and external community. Our achievements however, could not be achieved through the dedication and hard work from the team and the entire student body. We would like thank all our supporters and the students and teachers of our school. Here is to more success in the future; please enjoy our video.

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