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School: Robert Ogilvie Elementary

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TWO DUMP TRUCKS! In Sept 2011 our school continued with it’s two year old composting program. Our compost/recycling bins started to fill up quickly, and this didn't go unnoticed. Students, staff and parents started to notice that it wasn’t just the compost bins that were filling up. Our waste bins in the classrooms were filling up too! Something needed to be done. We decided to start an environmental club. A group of 15 students, a parent and one teacher began the process of setting up a full recycling/composting program. Our local ECO-Depot was offering to lend bins and provide free pick up of recycled materials from our school. What perfect timing!! It was exciting to be attempting to do what no other school in our district has accomplished to date. One of our club members asked the question “How much do you think our garbage weighs?” Good question, and so we set out to answer it the best we could. We took 3 days of waste from all the rooms in our school and weighted it. WOW! We had no idea what the results were going to be. It was calculated that if our school didn't recycle anything (minus the paper as this has been recycled by the district for many years and was not part of the weighed waste) for one year the weight of the waste would be equal to the weight of TWO (empty) DUMP TRUCKS! This was alarming and somewhat unbelievable!!! As a result of our actions we have developed a successful composting/recycling program. A large portion of our compost helps to feed local pigs and chickens. We also have two thriving compost worm bins as well as two outside compost bins that are producing nutrients that will enrich our school’s garden! We have noticed that environmental club members (students) are monitoring the recycling and composting habits of their peers. As a result of developing a compost/recycling program students at Robert Ogilvie are becoming more environmentally aware and responsible. Students have discovered the joy of up-cycling and leaning how to reuse recycled items to create works of arts that are proudly displayed in out school library. Our students have lessened the impact on our city’s landfill and have brought the conversation to the table regarding “wasting food” from their lunches. Several students have taken it upon themselves to keep an ongoing list of which classes are wasting large amounts of food. These students are addressing the classrooms personally and respectfully, in the hopes of making a difference. What more can we ask for than students who motivate and set examples for the rest of the school. Way to go Earth Guardians!!! Lets keep up the Good Work!


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